Ticket  to  Heaven  Boarding  Pass    


Image result •   Destination:   Heaven, believed to be in the Orion constellation, in the sides of the north

•   Flight is non-stop and will not stop at comet Kohoutek or at any other stellar body

•   Time of Departure:  Please see The Rapture of the Church

•   Space flight baggage:  None allowed, absolutely no pets

•   All seats are premium first-class, no coach seats

•   Dress Code:  You will come as you are.  No space suit needed: a splendid White Robe

     and Crown will be furnished to you at no cost upon boarding

•   Length of Trip:  Trillions of Light Years from Earth

•   Captain of the Space Ship:  The Lord Jesus Christ (the depicted space ship is purely fictitious!)

•   Flight Crew:  Angels-in-waiting

     •   Ticket is round-trip with one guaranteed meal [ Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven ], with required return to Earth in exactly seven years to rule and reign with  Jesus Christ  for one thousand years

     •   Where do I get this ticket, and how much does it cost?  You were born with this ticket in hand, but it has to be okayed by the Captain for it to be valid.  The Captain has already paid the fare, that’s why He is the only one that can okay it

     •   Can I sell my ticket to someone else?  No, it is non-transferable

     •   Will there be enough room for me?  There is always room for one more on this flight

     •   How can I get my ticket okayed?     You can only get your ticket okayed  by coming to  Jesus, asking for forgiveness for your sins,  by acknowledging that He paid the price of your sin transgressions on the cross of Calvary  [ Romans 10:9 ],  that He died on that cross for your sins, was placed in the tomb,  but resurrected after three days and three nights, and is seated at the right-hand of the Father in Heaven;   you must ask  Jesus  to forgive you of your sins and save you,  and to give you the Holy Spirit so that you can have spiritual understanding of God. God is omniscient,  He knows if you mean what  you declare  or profess this, so don’t deceive yourself  [ this is a private decision between you and God only ].

    •   I’m not sure I fully understand this last statement, can you elaborate?      Yes, click on  Salvation I,   Salvation IIand on The Lamb’s Book of Life .  Read them thoroughly, consider their appeal, and email this site (see below) if you still do not understand or have any question(s) about them.   

    •   What if I don’t have my ticket okayed by the Captain by boarding time?   In that case, you will experience the Wrath of God during the 7-year Tribulation period on Earth.     Your probability of going to Heaven then will be practically nil,  for God has promised  to  send  you a  strong delusion (2Thessalonians 2:11) that you will  believe whatever  lies Satan will tell you with explaining the sudden disappearance of Christians  world-wide.

    •   Then, where will I go when I die? Your final destination will be the eternal Lake of Fire, where you will be tormented throughout all eternity,  with absolutely no hope of  ever getting out.  You will be formally sentenced by Jesus Christ at the Great White Throne Judgment [Revelation, Chapter 20] and subsequently cast into the Lake of Fire.   All the people that have ever lived on planet Earth will be at the Great White Throne Judgment; the only difference being that the saved will be there as possible witnesses against you,  that they witnessed to you about  Jesus and you refused to believe them.   At that Judgment, as you stand before Jesus, Jesus will ask an attending angel if your name is in the Book of Life.   The angel will respond that your name is not found, so your fate is sealed and you will be cast into the Lake of Fire. [ Revelation 20:15 ]

    •   Remember, this is a free boarding pass offer to you, but  it  wasn’t  free to  Jesus.  God the Father is waiting for your response, will it be yea, or nay?   Another thing, people get saved only when the Holy Spirit of God moves upon a soul, convicting them of their great sin trespasses against God -  if God is speaking to your heart now,  it is time for you to get on your knees and do  business with the Almighty.  Although He may be willing to hear your plea now [ if your soul is under conviction ], He may never be willing to do so again [ Romans 1:28-32 ].                                


Please note:   This is not an idle plea – God will take you to Heaven if you trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ [ John 6:37 ].      God cannot lie, and unless you have passed the point of no return as declared in Romans 1:18-32 - God will accept you into Heaven when you die because He said He would, and He cannot lie!!  You cannot ask for a surer guarantee than that!!


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